Trends 2007

Get dressed for the year 2007!

We have connected the DO´s and DONT´s of the fashion world 2007 so that you dont´t have to undergo unpleasant surprises...




Sixties, seventies and  even eighties styles are still in full effect for the upcoming spring season. Many of the styles are continuations and reworses of trends we have seen in the last seasons. But with new modern twists, thrown in. The style of "back in the days" is represented. No matter if shoes, t-shirts or caps: old school designers characterize the steetscape. From Adidas to Nike: all the concerns are taking the old style out of the wardrobe for remebering the old times...

The new trends

 CIFF Trends | Summer 2007
Very important in the coming summer: the proportions are mixed. That means, narrow trousers are carried to a far upper section or a far skirt to a narrow upper section. Everything becomes a little finer - romance and elegance is entering the fashion world. 

The Basics

Jeans are and remain announced. In this summer no more belly, but rather leg is shown. Drainpipejeans are highly cut the hit,if they are just dark blue. The upper sections are long and fall simply over the close trousers. Those, who like skirts or dresses, can be pleased about a large selection. The new dresses are sleeveless and mostly kneelong from easy falling materials. The mini skirt is unbeatably. The boys are very trendy with Bermudas.

The colors

Dorlastan Color Trends for Spring - Summer 2007


Dazzling colors are definitely out - this applies for both, boys and girls. The multicolored WM-Shirts in national colors can wait for its next employment (the EM 2008). Now dark, calm colors or even pure white are announced. The boys can wear kahaki and grey. Girls can combinate white clothes with gold and silver - so the look gets more nobly. If tere are still some simple tank tops in the wardrobe, they will have their comeback in2007.

The shoes


Ballerinas, which already celebrated their comeback last summer, are still current. Mainly they are worn together with the  narrow drainpipe jeans. Depending on the colour of the jeans they are white, black, grey, gold or metalliccoloured. Those who likes, can also wear high Pumps to the jeans.

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